Accounting for Adult Industry Writers

If you’re a writer in the adult entertainment industry, we’re ready to help you make the most of your assets with our niche-specific professional accounting and tax services. We here at Sancus Tax and Accounting specialize in helping clients in the adult entertainment industry, and writers of adult content and erotica are a large part of our valued clientele. And there’s no need to worry about discretion or confidentiality because we know both are of the utmost importance and we definitely deliver.

Here in our office our accounting firm considers themselves trailblazers in the financial world by doing our part to break the stigmatization of adult entertainment industry professionals. We know how hard you work and how important it is to make your money work for you. Let us help you sort out your short and long-term finance goals, develop a custom plan to reach them, and in the meantime capitalize on the assets you already have with savvy investing, solid tax planning, and more!

Accounting and Tax Services for Adult Industry Writers

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